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Have You Reached Your Turning Point?

“I found every single successful person I’ve ever spoken to had a turning point. The turning point was when they made a clear, specific unequivocal decision that they were not going to live like this anymore; they were going to achieve success. Some people make that decision at 15 and some people make it at 50, and most people never make it at all.” ~ Brian Tracy #Quote

Are you at this critical point in your career or personal life where a decision must be made for you to progress forward, to change your circumstances for the better? You have the power within you to affect whatever change is necessary to fulfil whatever goal or objective you desire, once you fully believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve, there will be no limit to your potential, you will recognise this as your turning point.

Source: Brian Tracy, America’s Leading Business Authority on Success – Quote: Brian Tracy

Highly Targeted Free Traffic Generation Strategies

Highly targeted free traffic generation is a skill that can be learned by anyone, trust me, anyone! If you’re involved in a network marketing business please don’t listen to an up-line unless they can genuinely prove to you they have the skills to drive traffic and generate leads on-line, just because they happen to have been recruited before you doesn’t make them an expert or a leader. If they start talking to you about drawing up a list and talking to your friends and family then just quietly conclude they just haven’t a clue how to build a business post Internet, are sadly delusional or worse are flat out lying to you.

I’m not saying this will be easy and it won’t happen overnight but if you truly have the desire to succeed then learning these skills really won’t be a problem, the benefits you will gain in terms of the professional marketing knowledge and your attractiveness to others, seeking to work with ‘someone who knows how to’ build a business on-line, will be more than worth the effort.

I think you may have guessed by now, this is not going to be the conventional way that we are all taught how to build a business, in fact I’ll go so far as to say this approach to building a network marketing business will be the norm as the industry adapts to the Internet. I have been and am involved in businesses that are still stuck in the past in terms of marketing and consequently find themselves stagnating and not growing the way they should or could.

My first suggestion is that you do not buy leads, this is a very lazy approach and response from your ‘leaders’, very expensive, time consuming and low quality way to build your business. I’ll stop there now, I’ll wage war on this topic another day! The methods of marketing I normally teach out and that I recommend everyone start with are marketing methods that are completely free, they just take drive and an ability to learn, and for you to take action applying what you’ve learned.

Just using free traffic generation methods, I believe you can easily build in time, up to 30-50 leads per day once your content is established on-line. Some of the methods that will work very well are article marketing, forums, some social bookmarking, podcast and video marketing all driving traffic to your blog and lead capture pages.

For further detailed strategies and how to fully implement these free traffic generation strategies you can find out more by contacting me here

Unique Highly Effective Social Media Strategy

Tweet I stumbled upon a very interesting article outlining a method employed that garnered over 170 retweets, a mention on the high profile site Copyblogger and approximately 2000 visitors to his web-site, I thought this may be worth investigating! I like it, please read on… He goes on to outline an effective social media strategy […]

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Article Marketing Traffic Attraction Secrets…

Here are some ideas for article marketing that attract attention and generate traffic. If you’ve spent any time around the big social media, bookmarking sites or any of the content syndication sites you’ll see certain types of headlines that attract attention and generate traffic. What I’ve seen over time is a definite pattern emerging. Headline […]

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Classified Advertising Online Marketing Strategy

A free classified advertising online marketing strategy is a very useful way to create high-quality back links into your primary website or blog, it is also a fantastic way of increasing exposure to you, your opportunity, or your products and services. Your copy in this case would be extremely short in comparison to article marked, probably […]

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An Effective Forum Marketing Strategy

Would you like free highly targeted leads for your business? The source of these leads and the high quality may surprise you, don’t be put off by some people’s bad experiences who say that you need to have huge sums of money to produce leads of any worth, this just isn’t true. You really can […]

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Why Network Marketing?

Isn’t that old hat now, people talking to their friends and family, badgering everyone within arms reach about the latest and greatest amazonian berry cleansing intestinal detox, that will add ten years to their life, whiten their teeth and walk their dog whilst they sleep! Yes there are a lot of wild claims out there […]

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Increase Traffic Podcast Marketing

Submitting to the podcast directories is another way to extend your reach and increase traffic to your blog you’re also guaranteed to generate more listings in the search engines, sometimes in minutes! In turn you’ll be creating very high quality back-links to help you obtain better organic listings for your blog which again will lead […]

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Make a Game Out of Earning Money

“We need to make a game out of earning money. There is so much good we can do with money. Without it, we are bound and shackled and our choices become limited.” ~ Bob Proctor #Quote This is a great quote from Bob Proctor, the point to ‘making a game out of earning money’ I […]

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Twitter List Building, Think Again!

Some interesting views on the usefulness of twitter, I think the author hit the nail on the head here… and this is what I firmly believe too. Twitter list building is bad practise, it should be used as a tool to encourage debate either on twitter or better still on your blog and in doing […]

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