The Zero Point State Approach

Martyn Haskins has a whole new philosophy and approach for disillusioned budding online entrepreneurs, home business owners and network marketers who feel like they’ve been mislead and sucked dry by the latest ‘guru’s’ massively hyped and over-priced product launches only to feel let down and ripped off… or the latest mlm business pre-launch hype, only to find that the ‘leaders’ have no clue about marketing and with a cold realisation that they are not in this game to help anyone but themselves… I’ve experienced this and more, I know what it feels like.

I am taking a completely fresh approach to work closely with a dozen or so committed people, it really is going to be a plain talking, honest approach, working together, collectively amplifying our potential success, with the the sole aim of creating multiple sources of income online. If you are up for a challenge contact me below and lets see if we can work together.

This is a shocker, I’m not asking for anyone’s money! Even so this is a serious proposal, you will need to invest in tools, services and businesses to make this happen though the costs are incredibly small in most cases and to a degree optional, some of the tools and services are free so you can get started without emptying your bank account. What you will need to bring to the table is a great deal of commitment, desire and a willingness to learn, this is what you’ll need if you truly want to succeed online.

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“I firmly believe that education, co-operation and collaboration with like mined individuals is the key to true long term success.” ~

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