Believe You Can Achieve Your Desired Outcome

I heard this cliché again recently and it both saddens me and frustrates me when I hear it, “I’ll believe it when I see it!” in fact I’ll be honest with you it really gets my back up, if you believe this negative and skeptical view of life then you will stop dead in it’s tracks any chance of progress in any area, the literally limitless opportunities life has to offer you will just pass you by, potential progress will just not happen because you just don’t believe from the out-set that the desired outcome is possible.

“Wealthy people understand that this cliché is exactly backward, before you see what you want you have to internalise it (see it first in your mind), you must believe in what you can achieve only then will you see it happen, in other words wealthy people follow the credo that believing is seeing, the only thing that makes you different from a billionaire right now is a wealthy mindset and the cornerstone of that mindset is belief.” ~ Bob Proctor #Quote

As Bob Proctor states in the above quote, without reversing this negative cliché, results will never be realised because really deep down you just don’t believe you are capable, therefore you will never put in the necessary action to produce the desired results. You need to change your mind-set to ‘believe in order to achieve!’

It goes much deeper than this though, without the correct mind-set you can close down your receptiveness to opportunity…

It’s said that with wealthy people, having the correct mind-set attracts wealth, in their mind nothing negative obscures their goal, in their mind there are no barriers to success, yes there maybe obstacles to overcome but they are seen as challenges, opportunities to further grow, in their mind all they can see is success, their is no doubt. Ultimately this mind-set and attitude toward success bares fruit. This is beginning to touch on the universal law of attraction… which I’ll talk about again in much more depth in other posts and articles.

One of the best books I have ever read from which I sourced the above quote from is Bob Proctor’s ‘It’s Not About the Money’ it should be an essential part of your library if you’re serious about success.

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