Proud to be an Amateur Blogger

I like the honesty from this man, I know we can all relate to this, it’s a good read. Don’t be worried about the amateur blogger tag, just realise where your abilities are at and know that you are capable of more, I repeat know you are! 😉 I do agree that it seems that the culture of ‘fake it until you make it’ is so prevalent on the web today, encouraged to a degree by the anonymity that the web can grant and the ease with which you can easily create a slick and professional façade on-line.

Even though I am making full-time living on-line just… 😐 (I’m a ex-paid advertising Google PPC refugee! pressing forward with this ‘new methodology’) I’m not ashamed to call myself an amateur in the truest sense of the word, I certainly am with regards to the world of content marketing and copywriting. Knowing this I think keeps me open to ideas, allows me to work and listen to other’s and learn far more in the process.

“Life as an amateur gives me room to grow, and the humility to accept that my first ideas probably won’t be my best . It will allow me to kill some of my ideas without feeling like I’m killing part of myself.” ~ Dan Myers #Quote

Source: – Article: 3 Reasons I’m Proud to Be an Amateur Blogger ~ Dan Myers

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