Article Marketing Traffic Attraction Secrets…

Here are some ideas for article marketing that attract attention and generate traffic. If you’ve spent any time around the big social media, bookmarking sites or any of the content syndication sites you’ll see certain types of headlines that attract attention and generate traffic. What I’ve seen over time is a definite pattern emerging.

Headline and content based around the following seem to work very well;

  • 7 Ways to…
  • 3 Biggest mistakes followed by solutions.
  • Tips and tricks, again based around problems and then provide the solutions.
  • How to… education
  • Myths debunked
  • Secrets revealed

Headlines need to be enticing you can incorporate the above in ways such as…

  • “3 Exercises to Get that 6 Pack in the next 30 Days Guaranteed”
  • “7 Easy Ways to Generate Traffic With Article Marketing”
  • “7 Easy Ways to Turn Leads into Paying Customers”
  • “Top 10 Ways to Increase Traffic With Article Marketing”
  • “10 Network Marketing Myths Debunked Once and For All”
  • “Article Marketing Attraction Secrets Revealed That Will Transform Your Business in 60 Days or Less”

You get the picture, once you get going it you’ll find it easy to create more web copy of your own.

This is something I tend to struggle with, try to limit your article to around 300-400 words, I certainly seem to find this easier with posts on a blog, which tend to be much more concise, if you hit around 600-800 try editing it, you may find that there are two articles in there, maybe problem/solution one and problem/solution two for example, try and break the information, potential solutions and ideas into smaller more digestible chunks if at all possible.

There is reasoning behind this, it seems the 300-400 word articles get a better click through and response rate, there seems to be a general attention deficit among many people, they seem to want solutions fast and results now.

You just have to go with what works and it seems that the shorter article wins out. If you think about it the longer the article the further away your bio box is with your all important link. It’s all well and good to increase traffic with article marketing but you have to lead people through to your bio box and your all important links and call to action.

Another point worth mentioning is that in my opinion people generally on the internet are not there to be entertained they are, more often than not looking for a solution and if you can deliver it quickly or point them in the right direction without any fuss you’ll both be happy, you’ll get the traffic through you bio link and they’ll get their solution.

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