How to Assess Google Panda Update for Your Site

I read an article recently at WordTracker Academy on exactly how to determine whether and how much you’ve been affected by the recent major algorithm change from Google. Also known as the Farmer or Panda update this ‘change’ is affecting around 12% of all US hosted sites! If you’re hosted outside of the US then you’ve got this to come (thankfully I’m outside of the US but hosted within the US and have actually seen my rankings increase).

The article clearly goes through the exact steps using Google Analytics to show how the Panda update may have impacted your site and business. It also goes on to surmise as to the possible reasons that your site may have been affected, and gives possible solutions. You really have to read this article it is very well put together and informative, great work…

In conclusion, I believe that once the dust settles, what we’ll be left with, I hope, is far less of the scraped, automated content publishing sites and less of that over spun gibberish you see from those so called article syndication set ups, maybe their ‘Judgement Day’ has finally arrived. Thankfully I wasn’t swayed by the quick fix lure of the dark-side of SEO, it never really sat comfortable with me, just churned out crap for the sake back links.

“Can your business handle a 50% drop in organic (non-paid) visits from Google? That’s what might be coming your way courtesy of Google’s Panda algorithm update. Before we get into the whys and whats, find out if you’ve been hit by Panda …” ~ Mark Nunney #Quote

Source: Mark Nunney – WordTracker Academy “Google Panda Algorithm Update Survival Guide

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