Avoid Blogging Writer’s Block

Sometimes I believe people can box themselves into a corner with regard to their blog by being ‘too niche’ cutting down the scope for writing fresh original content, in time they may just run out of things to say. Here’s an approach that may work for you if you find yourself in this position, why not make your blog more personal, write about shared events, national or seasonal holidays or things that you think you may have in common with your target audience.

I agree to an extent with this thought process but with my blogs I’ve taken a different approach, I’ve broadened their content, in this case on www.zeropointstate.com to cover various topics, all essential to creating success online, ranging from mind-set and the psychology of success to seo and setting up your blog correctly to maximise the exposure and reach of your content, this topic bridging seems to work well for me and opens up a vast amount of potential content that I can write about all day if need be :-|, certainly on more personal blogs Lindsey McCaffrey’s approach would work nicely.

“Take a breather: finding things to blog about doesn’t have to be hard work. In light of the upcoming Labour Day weekend, I’m going to share a little tip I like to tell clients who blog: consider holidays, anniversaries and other observances. By relating your blog post to an occasion, you can come up with some creative, timely and fun pieces.” ~ Lindsey McCaffrey #Quote

Source: Problogger.net – Article: Make Business Blogging Fun: Write About Holidays, Anniversaries, and Other Milestones ~ Lindsey McCaffrey of Absolutely Write

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