How to Become a Good Copywriter

The more I look at this subject the more it fascinates me, the more I realise the power of the written word. It is both a science and an art, the use of psychology and correct use grammar to communicate and elicit a response, to teach, to entertain and to motivate… I realise what a novice I am 🙂 and that I have so much I have to learn in the use of effective copywriting.

I am going to be covering this subject in a great deal of detail on this blog, for my own benefit and hopefully for yours too. I believe if you can master this one skill then you’ve all but cracked it on-line as the vast majority of our communication is still through the written word.

“If you’re a regular Copyblogger reader, you know that content marketing is the most effective way to promote your business. Great content can find new customers, help prospects understand why you’re the best choice for them, and can even make your existing customers feel brilliant for choosing you. It’s the most cost-effective marketing you can do, and can truly transform your business. So that’s all good — but how do you get all this great content?” ~ James Chartland – Men with Pens #Quote

Source: Copyblogger – Article: How to Become a Good Copywriter ~ James Chartland – Men with Pens

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