Blogging Success Formula

This ‘blogging success formula’ resonates with me, talking about your experiences online, the ups and downs, the successes and failures laid bare, this is and has been my plan for this blog in fact I will be disclosing in full even earnings and analytical data about this project to those that opt in to my team, my inner circle… full transparency and what’s working now in the world of internet marketing and lead generation.

This is real world in the trenches marketing that struggling entrepreneurs will be able to relate to, I truly believe that this will make far more compelling reading than listening to marketers and bloggers talking about experiences they’ve never had…

“By actually doing the things you want to write about, and reporting on the results, you add a whole new level of proprietary information that brings your blog post to life. When you do this, all the humdrum theory is replaced by a real experience that shows people you have the authority to write on your topic. All of a sudden, people want to listen to you.” ~ Tyler Tervooren #Quote

Source: – Article: The Better Blogging Formula: Think, Do, Write ~ Tyler Tervooren

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