3 Blogging Tactics to Develop a PR 5 in 5 Months

I’ve discovered an article using common sense blogging tactics often overlooked that I thought might interest you, where John Saddington of TentBlogger claims to have achieved a Google PR of 5 in 5 months, let me tell you now I am not making this claim for this blog… yet 😉 This site only got off of the ground the second week of August 2011.

My progress will be documented in detail and what works will be exposed as the weeks progress, so stay tuned… as a personal word of warning though, don’t obsess about Google PR, it can fluctuate unpredictably, it lags by about 3-6 months and is only a small part of Google’s overall ‘picture’ of your site.

What will make a huge difference to your SERP’s and traffic will be your focus primarily on creating quality content which will attract inbound links, sourcing and linking to quality content on 3rd party authority sites, getting your on-site optimisation right, crafting your internal linking structure and integrating as much as you can your entire online presence to this one focal point, your blog.

“Within a few months, between Google’s PR update in January and the most recent one in June of this year, I was able to achieve a PageRank 5 (from a PR 0) blog that sees 20-35% organic traffic on any given month, and is just inches from clearing 100,000 page-views per month. It’s not a boring blog, either, with an average of 45 comments per post!” ~ John Saddington #Quote

Source: Problogger.net – Article: 3 Tactics I Used to Develop a PageRank 5 Blog in 5 Months ~ John Saddington

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