Maximise Your Blog Lead Generation

Here’s an article on, a ten step check-list that will help you to maximise your blogs lead generation capabilities, these ten suggestions really should all be implemented as a foundation to build upon. The aim is to increase your blogs visibility, extend your reach and therefore maximise your blogs lead generation potential. I will expand […]

Avoid Blogging Writer’s Block

Sometimes I believe people can box themselves into a corner with regard to their blog by being ‘too niche’ cutting down the scope for writing fresh original content, in time they may just run out of things to say. Here’s an approach that may work for you if you find yourself in this position, why […]

Effective Social Media Marketing

This I had to share, a great article over at copyblogger. If there is there is one practical thing you take from this article it should be the first element they talk about “Get Your Home Base Together” this is ‘your hub’ meaning your blog which should be the centre of all of your online […]

Don’t Talk to Your Friends and Family!

Are you being told to talk to your friends and family, to buy network marketing leads, or drop into a pre-rehearsed 3 minute elevator speech with complete strangers, yes this really is a joke and it is being played out for real on thousands of desperate new network marketers every day at worst you’re being […]

Google Plus versus Facebook

An interesting comparison of the new Google Plus and Facebook Social Networking platforms… Personally I think Google Plus has took the best of the social networks and kept the interface clean and simple to navigate, I am yet to get to grips with this new social network but really like the look of the interface […]

Starting a Business and Marketing Campaign

What a great article with particular reference to blogging, starting a business and marketing campaign… I have to recommend you take a look a this on David Risley’s blog it is by guest author Jeff Clay, there are so many people that are unsure when you speak to them about the difference between the various […]

5 Common Grammatical Errors in Copywriting

There’s a lot more than 5 common grammatical errors! 😉 One I see all the while that isn’t included in this list is the adverb ‘then’ substituting the conjunction or preposition ‘than’ I see this a lot in ‘copy’ originating from across the Atlantic, not sure why… I am going to go into this in […]

How to Build a High Quality Email List Fast

This is an interesting article on how to quickly build a high quality email list fast, which is something so many people struggle to do, especially when on a budget. I like the concept of ‘trading’ your skills for a return, in this case access to a large email list. If you can find a list […]

Hosting Service Provider Critical to Business Success

Your choice of internet hosting service provider is critical when it comes to your internet business, I can tell you now I have made some bad choices in this area that have cost me months of frustration, down time and money. There are some internet hosting providers who you really need to steer clear of, unfortunately I […]

5 Ways to Beat Prospecting Anxiety

For any entrepreneur, anyone with a network marketing or home business can relate to this subject. I discovered this great article by Suzanne Paling at Entrepreneur Magazine with good advice for any of us who need to use the phone to build a business, for many new to selling fear of rejection and the associated anxiety […]

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