5 Tips to Improve Internal Links

Here is a great article I discovered on ProBlogger, some basic ways to improve the quality of the links you distribute throughout your site and will in my opinion improve your ranking in the organic search results. On page optimisation is one half of the search engine optimisation equation, for the most part it is […]

Ideas to Help You Run Two Blogs

This is something that I’m going to try and pull off myself in the near future, running two blogs, mainly because this primary blog is quite tightly focused around internet, network marketing and personal development, I need to give my wider interests, views and ideas a home. I will lay bare exactly how I get […]

LinkedIn Social News Network

As social networks are now such an integral part of our overall marketing strategy I thought I would highlight further changes that have just arrived on the linkedIn professional social network platform. LinkedIn Today recently went live and is now also accessible via the LinkedIn iPhone app, when you launch it will automatically attempt to […]

Generate Multiple Sources of Leads

In my early days generating leads online I made the mistake of relying on a single source for my leads, yes you guessed it, Google… Not that I am complaining they were about the best leads you could pay for and they came in huge quantities, as long as you knew what you were doing, correctly […]

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