Unique Highly Effective Social Media Strategy

Tweet I stumbled upon a very interesting article outlining a method employed that garnered over 170 retweets, a mention on the high profile site Copyblogger and approximately 2000 visitors to his web-site, I thought this may be worth investigating! I like it, please read on… He goes on to outline an effective social media strategy […]

Twitter List Building, Think Again!

Some interesting views on the usefulness of twitter, I think the author hit the nail on the head here… and this is what I firmly believe too. Twitter list building is bad practise, it should be used as a tool to encourage debate either on twitter or better still on your blog and in doing […]

Proud to be an Amateur Blogger

I like the honesty from this man, I know we can all relate to this, it’s a good read. Don’t be worried about the amateur blogger tag, just realise where your abilities are at and know that you are capable of more, I repeat know you are! 😉 I do agree that it seems that […]

How to Create a Loyal Blog Readership

I want you to take a moment and pose the question “how do you create a loyal blog readership?”…  Yes, it’s in the words you write, how you write them and how useful this content is that gets people talking about and returning to your blog week after week. More importantly though it’s your story, […]

External Links Boost Your Credibility

If find anything on-line that I find interesting or maybe of use to anyone reading this blog, I cite the source and the author of the article, their hard work is rewarded with a link and more readers and i’m rewarded with quality information, I can also inform you of my thoughts on the material, […]

3 Blogging Tactics to Develop a PR 5 in 5 Months

I’ve discovered an article using common sense blogging tactics often overlooked that I thought might interest you, where John Saddington of TentBlogger claims to have achieved a Google PR of 5 in 5 months, let me tell you now I am not making this claim for this blog… yet 😉 This site only got off of […]

Increase Blog Comments and More…

As I have mentioned in earlier posts your blog needs to be your marketing ‘hub’ it also needs to be the centre of your social media world. In my opinion you need to encourage and concentrate as much of your online presence at this one point… So if your blog is going to become the […]

Blogging Success Formula

This ‘blogging success formula’ resonates with me, talking about your experiences online, the ups and downs, the successes and failures laid bare, this is and has been my plan for this blog in fact I will be disclosing in full even earnings and analytical data about this project to those that opt in to my […]

Maximise Your Blog Lead Generation

Here’s an article on Entrepreneur.com, a ten step check-list that will help you to maximise your blogs lead generation capabilities, these ten suggestions really should all be implemented as a foundation to build upon. The aim is to increase your blogs visibility, extend your reach and therefore maximise your blogs lead generation potential. I will expand […]

Effective Social Media Marketing

This I had to share, a great article over at copyblogger. If there is there is one practical thing you take from this article it should be the first element they talk about “Get Your Home Base Together” this is ‘your hub’ meaning your blog which should be the centre of all of your online […]

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