The 11 Forgotten Laws

In an earlier post I talked briefly about the law of attraction and a quote by the great Raymond Holliwell from his book ‘Working with the Law‘ which precedes ‘The Secret’ by almost 50 years, well this concept and philosophy runs back millennia in Human history, an example of this being a quote from between 161 A.D. […]

Want MLM Success? Take Action Now!

Do you want mlm success? The message from Eric Worre here is, simple, plain and clear TAKE ACTION now! Not tomorrow, not next week or on the first of the month. Maybe when the new ‘system’ is in place, you’ve heard it? I have, far too often… A lot of people just use excuses for […]

New Internet Network Marketing Business Principles

These two new internet network marketing business principles are, I believe central for the success of any new network marketing business in the twenty first century. Principle One; You must establish multiple sources of leads. Trust me I have learned my lesson here, if you rely on one method of lead generation and the goal […]

The Secret Law of Attraction – Working with the Law

“Science has convincingly proven the existence and constant operation of the Law of Mental Attraction. For this reason everyone should be doubly careful about how and what he thinks. Our predominant mental attitude is the primary cause of most everything that comes into our lives, and the sooner we realise this truth, the sooner we […]

Attain Freedom through Disciplined Activity

More great insight from Randy Gage, this article highlights the universal truth that nothing of any worth in your life can be achieved without discipline. When it boils down to it, it’s only through discipline that real progress is made in any given field… Relating to network marketing and business in general, disciplined, focused activity […]

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