Highly Targeted Free Traffic Generation Strategies

Highly targeted free traffic generation is a skill that can be learned by anyone, trust me, anyone! If you’re involved in a network marketing business please don’t listen to an up-line unless they can genuinely prove to you they have the skills to drive traffic and generate leads on-line, just because they happen to have […]

Classified Advertising Online Marketing Strategy

A free classified advertising online marketing strategy is a very useful way to create high-quality back links into your primary website or blog, it is also a fantastic way of increasing exposure to you, your opportunity, or your products and services. Your copy in this case would be extremely short in comparison to article marked, probably […]

An Effective Forum Marketing Strategy

Would you like free highly targeted leads for your business? The source of these leads and the high quality may surprise you, don’t be put off by some people’s bad experiences who say that you need to have huge sums of money to produce leads of any worth, this just isn’t true. You really can […]

Increase Traffic Podcast Marketing

Submitting to the podcast directories is another way to extend your reach and increase traffic to your blog you’re also guaranteed to generate more listings in the search engines, sometimes in minutes! In turn you’ll be creating very high quality back-links to help you obtain better organic listings for your blog which again will lead […]

Get Started with Video Blogging

The use of video blogging in marketing, branding and in building relationships is second to none but not many of us harness it’s power, why? For those of you willing to rise to the challenge here is a great getting started guide on entrepreneur.com by Chris Brogan, it answers a lot of the questions you’ll […]

Web Host Server Location is Critical!

I’ve just a few points I think are worth mentioning with regards to web hosting choice, location and the kind of top level domain you may choose to host your new home business or blog and what affect these choices will have on your home businesses visibility in relation to your chosen market audience… it’s […]

Methods for Building a Successful Online Business

A ‘keep it simple’ and ‘take action’ summary of the essential ‘stuff’ you need to do to create a successful blog. Sometimes you need something like this to kick you up the backside and get things moving, it really isn’t that difficult to first and foremost write about topics you know about and enjoy… simple… […]

Is the Duplicate Content Penalty a Myth?

Is the issue with the so called duplicate content penalty an issue at all or is there some validity in the claim. I believe there is… But only to a small degree. In some instances you can get heavily penalised by Google for certain duplicate content transgressions, for other forms of duplicate content there really is […]

Targeted Free Traffic Generation System

This is a early release of my own targeted free traffic generation system, this system can be easily duplicated and implemented by anyone coming into the industry, enabling you to drive targeted traffic to your landing page or blog which in turn means more leads, more sales, more people joining your business… bottom line, more money. Don’t […]

Video Marketing Myths Debunked

I will hopefully go some way to debunk some video marketing myths and encourage more people to engage in video marketing. Video is very effective in rapidly populating the organic search results I’ve seen many rank in minutes, google loves them, if you want rapid listings and the ability to get your message across effectively […]

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