Video Traffic Generation and Marketing Solution

A video traffic generation and marketing solution is probably the single most effective form of marketing you could implement on the Internet today. I’ve seen videos rank almost immediately and if you optimise them correctly through back-linking, syndication and social distribution can ultimately lead to some pretty serious traffic generation, if you want rapid and multiple […]

Will a Keyword Rich Domain Rank Higher?

I firmly believe a keyword rich domain name still* plays a significant role in influencing your overall search engine position. I know some see these domains as in some way spammy or not as effective as the ‘building of a brand’ approach for your domain but there is no denying the clout that using keyword rich […]

Focus on Quality Content Creation for SEO

This is well worth talking about and I agree that you must focus on the creation of good quality readable content written for people not the search engines but where I differ slightly is that I believe writing high quality content is an integral part of search engine optimisation today. Firstly the search engine algorithms […]

How to Assess Google Panda Update for Your Site

I read an article recently at WordTracker Academy on exactly how to determine whether and how much you’ve been affected by the recent major algorithm change from Google. Also known as the Farmer or Panda update this ‘change’ is affecting around 12% of all US hosted sites! If you’re hosted outside of the US then […]

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