Classified Advertising Online Marketing Strategy

A free classified advertising online marketing strategy is a very useful way to create high-quality back links into your primary website or blog, it is also a fantastic way of increasing exposure to you, your opportunity, or your products and services.

Your copy in this case would be extremely short in comparison to article marked, probably the equivalent of no more than a paragraph or two. The trick to ranking well is to optimise for your particular keywords, creating a keyword rich and compelling headline, followed by strong, concise and solution orientated body copy.

In terms of the headline to entice action, offer something for free… maybe a free report on Internet traffic generation for example. Headlining with the promise of a benefit works very well e.g. Recruit 10 Represent the Next 30 Days. Another tack would be to make it newsworthy to your particular market e.g. Major Breakthrough in Lead Generation.

Many great ideas can be taken from the advertising world, in general traditional ad copy from print media doesn’t translate well on the Internet, as most aspects of the Internet tend to now to be more social, and being sold to a social context in its traditional way is very repelling.

That said people expect to be sold to when browsing classified advertising online as they would off-line, so you can get away with using more traditional off-line sales copy within the classified directories. Some of the best places to look for compelling advertising therefore is in this case with in the traditional print media and advertising.

A formula that seems to gain a lot of success is to tap into people’s need for a solution or on the other hand into people’s fears of failure or loss, both of very powerful at triggering a response.

In summary a successful approach would be to lead with the desire or need that your target market may have, followed by the ‘how to get’ the desire satisfied all really disillusioned for that need.

The second approach outlined earlier would be in the form of your target markets remain a fear or pain, closely followed with help to alleviate that feel pain.

This then allows you to lead people through your copy to your call of action. Click here, enter your details, by now, purchased this, etc. If at this point you do actually tell people what to do you’ll find that people tend to follow your written instructions.

In conclusion, if you’ve done your job properly, you’ll both get what you want, you a lead or a sale your prospect a solution or desire satisfied, or a problem solved.


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