How to Create a Loyal Blog Readership

I want you to take a moment and pose the question “how do you create a loyal blog readership?”…  Yes, it’s in the words you write, how you write them and how useful this content is that gets people talking about and returning to your blog week after week.

More importantly though it’s your story, the reason and motivation for your blog, your ability to be truthful, passionate and original about your topic. I think it’s essential that people should be able relate to your story, then they will be more willing to join you on your journey.

That’s my approach anyway. This really is a journal of ideas, thoughts and actions, creating from scratch all the traffic, leads and sales necessary to create multiple streams of income on-line, sharing and evolving this process with with a few committed individuals, participants that want to jump on board, becoming involved in this unfolding story… and sharing this ongoing progress with everyone.

“Concentration is my motto – first honesty, then industry, then concentration.” ~ Andrew Carnegie #Quote

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