Don’t Buy Network Marketing Business Leads!

Not only is the quality of bought network marketing leads highly questionable and very expensive, but these leads are shared out among other network marketers, you think they are exclusive to you, think again! I’m not just spouting off about this approach for the sake of it, I’ve tried and tested it with thousands of dollars of my own money and the statistics don’t lie, hands down this method of building your network marketing business is the worst possible route you could take. I would say that it has caused the premature failure of many network marketing business way before their time.

If your ‘leaders‘ are promoting this method of building your network marketing business then look for new leaders, I don’t mean jump ship, nothing as drastic as that but look for leaders on the internet that talk real marketing methods in fact there are a few out there if you take the time to look, mentors with proven track records not so much the high profile ‘guru’s‘ but real internet marketers out in the trenches building their network marketing businesses the right way.

Rather than spend your money buying leads, invest some of the money you’d have wasted to educate yourself in internet marketing skills, this was my approach, or better still you could save years if you could ally yourself with the right person… Finding the right mentor could ‘fast-track’ you to success and the goals you’ve set to achieve in your network marketing business. The right mentor can help you to avoid many of the pitfalls he or she has made along the way. The right mentor can teach you internet marketing methods that can be applied correctly to maximise the growth of your network marketing business and help you develop the right mindset for success.

There are people out there willing to help other struggling home business owners, so if you’ve realised that buying expensive, low quality leads is not the best way to go and your up-line can’t supply you with real alternative marketing methods then look elsewhere, seek others who have the skills to help you build your network marketing business like a professional.

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