Don’t Talk to Your Friends and Family!

Are you being told to talk to your friends and family, to buy network marketing leads, or drop into a pre-rehearsed 3 minute elevator speech with complete strangers, yes this really is a joke and it is being played out for real on thousands of desperate new network marketers every day at worst you’re being lied to at best your leaders are ignorant of the realities of network marketing in the twenty first century, post Internet, post Google, things have changed, radically.

This isn’t the 80’s or 90’s, times really have changed but still many ‘leaders’ in the industry haven’t, they’re ‘living the dream built’ on past methods that to a large extent don’t work any longer, they know no other way to build a network marketing business other than ‘go and buy leads!’ because they don’t have to build a network marketing business from scratch anymore! This unfortunately perpetuates and propagates ineffective, expensive and amateurish marketing methods and consequentially leads to huge failure rates and disillusionment within the industry.

The landscape has changed dramatically, the dynamics have changed permanently, the Internet and Google made sure of that, there needs to be a wake up call but many of the venerable old school network marketers are reluctant and often times too arrogant to change. These leaders have a great responsibility to their ‘followers’, to their teams and the industry, to change and adapt, to learn from ‘real’ marketing, in particular the most effective internet marketing techniques, to help the industry transition to this ‘new wave’ of network marketing.

I believe we are beginning to see this in the industry, that more leads, more money and more success is being created by the ‘new enlightened kids on the block’ than a 100 old school networkers combined and in a fraction of the time. I believe what used to take 10 to 15 years to build can be done in 2-5 years and often significantly quicker, don’t get me wrong this is not get rich quick, there is no magic bullet to success but you can learn how to take advantage of the leverage the Internet has to offer. If you would like to learn more about these ‘new wave’ business building internet marketing techniques, then just leave your details on the contact page.

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