Is the Duplicate Content Penalty a Myth?

Is the issue with the so called duplicate content penalty an issue at all or is there some validity in the claim. I believe there is… But only to a small degree. In some instances you can get heavily penalised by Google for certain duplicate content transgressions, for other forms of duplicate content there really is no great penalty if any penalty at all, let me try to explain.

The real issue regarding duplicate content is with content on your own site, which doesn’t take much to figure is damn stupid as it can only degrade the user experience, here you will get heavily penalised by Google for having the same content showing up more than once on the same domain.

Now in dealing with this content on-site there are a number issues you may need to address, the obvious being replicated content, you need to address this making sure only one copy of original content is published. Secondly there is the more often than not overlooked server side issues that need to be addressed, which may cause duplicate content issues with Googles algorithm interpreting your site incorrectly or correctly interpreting incorrect server side configuration. Most of which can be correct with access to your .htaccess file.

Off-site duplication of content I believe is less of an issue, certainly your site won’t get penalised as above. For example if you create and unique piece of content and distribute it unaltered to say thirty article directories and link back to your blog, I believe that you’ll only get link juice or full weight credit from several links and maybe some reduced credit from several more, that’s it no penalty.

Ultimately these links will have weight as other people are picking up your articles and re-publishing them so you would think in Google’s eyes there must be some weight attached to that article and link but it makes sense that the same piece duplicated hundreds of times may be seen as someone trying to best the system, common sense says that the weight applied to these links would be downgraded considerably and in excess maybe penalised as spam.

For both off-site duplication issues and ways to maximise your contents value to both the searcher and in turn the search engine algorithms, on-site duplication and server side issues and resolution check the archives or return for future articles. Get these things right and it will lead to better performing content and sites which means more leads and more sales for your mlm business.

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