An Effective Forum Marketing Strategy

Would you like free highly targeted leads for your business? The source of these leads and the high quality may surprise you, don’t be put off by some people’s bad experiences who say that you need to have huge sums of money to produce leads of any worth, this just isn’t true. You really can actually market effectively for free, this isn’t a myth, trust me, if you’re prepared to learn and put in a great deal of consistent work on a daily basis then you can create a large number of free highly targeted leads for your internet marketing business. I really can show you how to generate the numbers of leads that you need to build your business online without a marketing budget.

What I’m about to show you is only one of 15 to 20+ free traffic generation strategies that will allow you to grow your Internet or network marketing business. Not only will this help you to increase the number of leads you bring in on a daily basis, but will also help you build key relationships within the targeted niches that you’ll be contributing to.

The method of marketing I want to talk about in this article is a forum marketing strategy, now as I mentioned in the previous paragraph this is only one element of your overall marketing strategy. If applied consistently over time you could generate free highly targeted leads averaging 3-5 per day. If you target your audience effectively by participating in relevant ‘active’ forums, tailoring your landing page, information and hopefully solution to them, then I believe you could exceed this figure.

You’ll need to check the forum rules regarding advertising or affiliate links, in this case your only promotion will be passively through your signature file, you’ll under no circumstances overtly promote your business, products or services. If you add value, are constructive and helpful within the forum community, you’ll come to be seen as someone who knows, someone knowledgeable, someone who gets things done. There will be a natural curiosity to learn more about you and what you have to offer, which will take people through to your landing page or your blog, I suppose you could call this a form of attraction marketing.

Aside from your helpfulness and expertise in providing solutions on the forums, you need to focus particular attention on your signature file, you’ll need to construct a very effective catch line to maximise your click through rate, you’ll likely only have between 2 to 5 lines to work with. There’s a typical tendency to resort to the usual worn out old ad copy “I’m an ad read me!” With this type of approach you don’t stand much of a chance on the Internet, it likely will not get read. (It’s a strange paradox because off-line, in traditional media, this type of advertising copy and advertisement works very well). The aim here is to stand apart from the inexperienced crowd, avoid hyperbola, exclamation marks, capital letters and multiple colours, which smacks of amateurism or spam.

You’ll need to feature something of interest to your market, it should be something of genuine value or newsworthy in some way. You can get some great ideas from magazines editorial headlines or blurb headlines used on glossy magazine covers. This copywriting can be adapted to your purposes and has been thoroughly tested and split tested so as to effectively produce results, you would likely only need to rework them in a very minor way to meet your own requirements… for example 7 Secrets of Attraction Marketing Revealed, Read More Here… 9 Facts Why Most Network Marketing Businesses Fail Learn More Here…

You get the picture, get creative, get ideas and inspiration from the editorial copy of magazines and newspapers, remember as mentioned earlier not from the advertising copy of traditional media, they’ve done a lot of work and have a lot of experience in writing compelling headlines that catch peoples attention and compel people to take action, which is exactly the result you want.

Now you’ve created your editorial style “hook” in your signature, with a link back to your information, solution, article or blog, simply just enter the conversation by contributing to the overall discussion, providing help and solutions to fellow members. As mentioned earlier “never overtly promote your business” If you do you’ll likely get flamed, chastised in no uncertain terms and could face the likelihood of getting booted out of the forum if you persist.

If you’d like a list of the most effective forums and the specific tactics I use to maximise this forum marketing strategy within the markets I participate in then you can contact me here and find out more.

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