Unique Highly Effective Social Media Strategy

I stumbled upon a very interesting article outlining a method employed that garnered over 170 retweets, a mention on the high profile site Copyblogger and approximately 2000 visitors to his web-site, I thought this may be worth investigating! I like it, please read on… He goes on to outline an effective social media strategy which looks pretty easy to implement. It also starts you thinking just slightly outside of the box in terms of alternative strategies you could employ with your own mailing list, twitter and or Facebook following to extend your reach and raise you and your sites profile.

“This whole thing was proof to me of how powerful social media can be when it is done right. A link from one of the top blogs, massive amounts of traffic and a decent catch of subscribers.” ~ blogtyrant.com #Quote

Source: BlogTyrant.com – Article: Unique Social Media Traffic Strategy ~ blogtyrant.com

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