Focus on Quality Content Creation for SEO

This is well worth talking about and I agree that you must focus on the creation of good quality readable content written for people not the search engines but where I differ slightly is that I believe writing high quality content is an integral part of search engine optimisation today.

Firstly the search engine algorithms have become smarter in determining keyword stuffed, forced and spun mechanical rubbish, especial with the recent Google Panda or Farmer algorithm update that’s been rolled out to United States search results (and now for the most part globally). I would go so far as to say that the quality of written content is hugely important in terms of SEO and the ability of the big search engines, specifically Google to detect this has improved (it only seems natural that it would).

Secondly the social aspect of the web is having more of an influence on the search results, so again it goes without saying that writing quality useful content naturally geared towards people makes obvious sense, it increases social engagement which can lead to more Facebook likes, twitter retweets and now google +1’s, more indicators for the search engines, more back-links, more traffic… Search engine optimisation in my book.

“Positioning has another meaning to me. It’s content-focused and deals only with how my content and expertise is positioned in my audience’s head.” ~ Tricia Lawrence #Quote

Source: and guest blogger Tricia Lawrence of Realbrilliant.comFocus on Quality Content Not SEO

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