Generate Multiple Sources of Leads

In my early days generating leads online I made the mistake of relying on a single source for my leads, yes you guessed it, Google… Not that I am complaining they were about the best leads you could pay for and they came in huge quantities, as long as you knew what you were doing, correctly researching targeted keywords relevant to your market and crafting ads that spoke directly to the searchers needs and wants… Alas those days are as good as gone, certainly in the home business lead generation arena it seems.

Relying on this one source of traffic and leads was high risk, yes and that risk manifested, things changed, what were once perfectly adequate landing pages, well written highly converting ads and high quality reputable home businesses were hit with, in Google’s eyes ‘low quality scores’, massive increases in advertising costs and in many cases your business being smeared as a ‘get rich quick scheme!’. This resulted in many accounts being suspended without notice. I hope you get the picture 😉 yes, this all happened to me, as I said in a previous article, you should never rely on one source of income, well in turn you should never rely on one source of leads, too much is at stake. Yes focus initially on one source of traffic and get it working, producing results, once you are, move on to the next method and the next and so on.

I know you’ll hear a lot of so-called ‘Guru’s’ tell you to become a master and focus on one method, don’t do this please! Just to illustrate and reiterate the point I made in the previous paragraph I went down this road, really developed my skills and derived a great deal of success with Adwords only for Google to completely change their advertising policy on trademarks which in the particular market I was promoting at the time, knocked 50% off of my business overnight.

Now, if I’d have diversified my sources, maybe article marketing, building a blog and organic web presence through SEO for example, my business wouldn’t have took such a massive hit, instead of Google consisting of 100% of my traffic loosing 50% of my total traffic overnight, if I’d have established a further four sources of traffic, accounting for 80% of my volume, with Google consisting of only 20% of overall volume, then I could safely presume that Google’s ‘overnight’ change of policy would of had far less impact on my business, to illustrate, assuming all being equal this 50% reduction in Google’s traffic could have only cost a 10% loss of overall traffic.

I hope this clearly illustrates my point, diversify and generate multiple sources of leads and traffic so as to minimise any potential negative affects that may occur, as companies change policy or sources dry up, or even cease to exist altogether, this then will help ensure the stability of your business, helping to protect your venture into the future.


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