Get Started with Video Blogging

The use of video blogging in marketing, branding and in building relationships is second to none but not many of us harness it’s power, why? For those of you willing to rise to the challenge here is a great getting started guide on by Chris Brogan, it answers a lot of the questions you’ll ask when you’ve decided “what next? I want to get started!”

“Pick a topic you want to cover. I do a lot of book reviews and interviews at, so those are the types of videos I record. Yours might be interviews. Or walk-throughs of homes you intend to sell. Or reviews of products. Or customer testimonials…” ~ Chris Brogan #Quote

Source: – Article: Chris Brogan on Video Blogging

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  1. Video blogging is indeed underutilized, but that is improving. Some of it is the fact that people get a bit nervous on camera. Other times text is the only way. (for example, now I am writing this comment rather than posting a video response). Google still favors text. But that will change with time.

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