Increase Blog Comments and More…

As I have mentioned in earlier posts your blog needs to be your marketing ‘hub’ it also needs to be the centre of your social media world. In my opinion you need to encourage and concentrate as much of your online presence at this one point… So if your blog is going to become the centre of your online social presence, how do you encourage social engagement? Primarily through your blog comments, these comments should become a time-line of conversation specific to your post or blog, a place where people can interact with each other and with the ideas generated through discussion.

Here’s a great article on Social Media Examiner giving tips on how to specifically increase your blogs comments.

“If you don’t make people feel welcome, they may read and dash without leaving a comment. Here are seven ways you can encourage your readers to leave comments” ~ Charlene Kingston #Quote

Source: Social Media Examiner – Article: 7 Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments ~ Charlene Kingston

I can also go one step further and show you how to bring all of your scattered social media conversations into one place, just contact me here for some more advanced techniques on how to enhance the effect of these ideas.

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