Multiple Income Sources for Your Blog

People often wonder not only how but what are the potential sources of revenue that you can implement on your blog and really how effective are they… Here’s an old article I found in the problogger archives, it doesn’t show you actual amounts earned, you wouldn’t expect the author to disclose that much information would you 😉 What is interesting is the diversity of sources with which the author is monetising his blog, this encompasses one of my primary goals and principles that is to generate multiple streams of income from multiple sources, to help in creating long term income stability. Here are the multiple income sources and the monthly breakdown in percentages of revenue earned over the year April 2010 to February 2011.

All interesting clues to help you model your blogs revenue strategy on success…

“Today I spent some time looking at my monthly income figures. I wasn’t quite sure how the stats would look for January and February… Here are the monthly trends in the different income streams…” ~ Darren Rowse #Quote

Source: – Article: January and February Blogging Income Breakdown ~ Darren Rowse

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