New Internet Network Marketing Business Principles

These two new internet network marketing business principles are, I believe central for the success of any new network marketing business in the twenty first century.

Principle One; You must establish multiple sources of leads. Trust me I have learned my lesson here, if you rely on one method of lead generation and the goal posts change (and they change a lot), it can leave you in an extremely precarious position.

Here is the approach I’d like you to take, do one thing at a time and do it well, focus on your blog, set it up and start posting on a daily basis, start to build traffic, strive to create useful content and a desirable message, leads will follow, then move on to the next method of marketing, forum marketing for example, start to produce a further 3-5 leads per day here, be consistent in your effort and you will be rewarded with consistent results. Then move onto another method of marketing, maybe article marketing, writing unique content on ezinearticles, with links pointing back to your site building more traffic and back-links to your blog, make your blog the hub of all of your online activity.

Do you see where I’m going with this, you’re setting up multiple sources of predictable leads, you’re setting up systems and work flows to integrate into your work day, you’ll get better at it, you’ll get quicker at it, so that it almost begins to run on auto-pilot.

Lead generation is only part of the equation, it increases the potential to earn more income and get your message out to an ever growing audience… What is equally important is the process of building a relationship with your audience (leads) on-line through your email auto-responders, posts and other web 2.0 activity. A lot of internet marketers out there make the mistake of hitting their leads and contacts with offer after offer… this does not build trust. You’ll give trust through constant communication, being genuinely helpful, by offering valuable useful content and interaction through posts and comments, twitter and Facebook.

Principle Two; Yes, I’m going to say this again trust me I’ve learned my lesson here too! You need to create multiple sources of income. Now this is the reverse of what most of you have been told to date, with regards to network marketing businesses, focus on creating profit before recruitment. I’ve just had enough of being told to recruit before you’re in profit, namely buy hundreds of dollars worth of leads, spend hours a day calling them, in the vain hope that these low quality ‘prospects’ (and I use that term loosely) will join your business. I will say this again, they have got it wrong.

Put yourself in profit as quickly as possible. Do not put yourself in debt as quickly as possible. So just get to it and start applying these new internet network marketing business principles today.

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