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Don’t Buy Network Marketing Business Leads!

Not only is the quality of bought network marketing leads highly questionable and very expensive, but these leads are shared out among other network marketers, you think they are exclusive to you, think again! I’m not just spouting off about this approach for the sake of it, I’ve tried and tested it with thousands of dollars of […]

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Is the Duplicate Content Penalty a Myth?

Is the issue with the so called duplicate content penalty an issue at all or is there some validity in the claim. I believe there is… But only to a small degree. In some instances you can get heavily penalised by Google for certain duplicate content transgressions, for other forms of duplicate content there really is […]

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Targeted Free Traffic Generation System

This is a early release of my own targeted free traffic generation system, this system can be easily duplicated and implemented by anyone coming into the industry, enabling you to drive targeted traffic to your landing page or blog which in turn means more leads, more sales, more people joining your business… bottom line, more money. Don’t […]

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Video Marketing Myths Debunked

I will hopefully go some way to debunk some video marketing myths and encourage more people to engage in video marketing. Video is very effective in rapidly populating the organic search results I’ve seen many rank in minutes, google loves them, if you want rapid listings and the ability to get your message across effectively […]

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10 Tips to Train, Exercise & Better Your Brain

Looking after your brain is something we don’t normally concern ourselves with, some of us may go down the gym with the goal of exercising our hearts and muscles but we rarely if at all consider specifically exercising our brains… I wonder why, many of you may wonder how you go about giving your grey […]

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Google Plus versus Facebook

An interesting comparison of the new Google Plus and Facebook Social Networking platforms… Personally I think Google Plus has took the best of the social networks and kept the interface clean and simple to navigate, I am yet to get to grips with this new social network but really like the look of the interface […]

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Video Traffic Generation and Marketing Solution

A video traffic generation and marketing solution is probably the single most effective form of marketing you could implement on the Internet today. I’ve seen videos rank almost immediately and if you optimise them correctly through back-linking, syndication and social distribution can ultimately lead to some pretty serious traffic generation, if you want rapid and multiple […]

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Starting a Business and Marketing Campaign

What a great article with particular reference to blogging, starting a business and marketing campaign… I have to recommend you take a look a this on David Risley’s blog it is by guest author Jeff Clay, there are so many people that are unsure when you speak to them about the difference between the various […]

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5 Common Grammatical Errors in Copywriting

There’s a lot more than 5 common grammatical errors! 😉 One I see all the while that isn’t included in this list is the adverb ‘then’ substituting the conjunction or preposition ‘than’ I see this a lot in ‘copy’ originating from across the Atlantic, not sure why… I am going to go into this in […]

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How to Build a High Quality Email List Fast

This is an interesting article on how to quickly build a high quality email list fast, which is something so many people struggle to do, especially when on a budget. I like the concept of ‘trading’ your skills for a return, in this case access to a large email list. If you can find a list […]

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