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Hosting Service Provider Critical to Business Success

Your choice of internet hosting service provider is critical when it comes to your internet business, I can tell you now I have made some bad choices in this area that have cost me months of frustration, down time and money. There are some internet hosting providers who you really need to steer clear of, unfortunately I […]

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Will a Keyword Rich Domain Rank Higher?

I firmly believe a keyword rich domain name still* plays a significant role in influencing your overall search engine position. I know some see these domains as in some way spammy or not as effective as the ‘building of a brand’ approach for your domain but there is no denying the clout that using keyword rich […]

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5 Ways to Beat Prospecting Anxiety

For any entrepreneur, anyone with a network marketing or home business can relate to this subject. I discovered this great article by Suzanne Paling at Entrepreneur Magazine with good advice for any of us who need to use the phone to build a business, for many new to selling fear of rejection and the associated anxiety […]

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5 Tips to Improve Internal Links

Here is a great article I discovered on ProBlogger, some basic ways to improve the quality of the links you distribute throughout your site and will in my opinion improve your ranking in the organic search results. On page optimisation is one half of the search engine optimisation equation, for the most part it is […]

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Ideas to Help You Run Two Blogs

This is something that I’m going to try and pull off myself in the near future, running two blogs, mainly because this primary blog is quite tightly focused around internet, network marketing and personal development, I need to give my wider interests, views and ideas a home. I will lay bare exactly how I get […]

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Believe You Can Achieve Your Desired Outcome

I heard this cliché again recently and it both saddens me and frustrates me when I hear it, “I’ll believe it when I see it!” in fact I’ll be honest with you it really gets my back up, if you believe this negative and skeptical view of life then you will stop dead in it’s […]

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Prosperity Through Right Thinking

Randy Gage again condenses true words of wisdom and creates clarity in a couple of paragraphs, he touches on the works of James Allen a British philosophical author, best known for his work “As a Man Thinketh” published in 1902/3, one quote that sticks in my mind from this book. “A man is literally what […]

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Focus on Quality Content Creation for SEO

This is well worth talking about and I agree that you must focus on the creation of good quality readable content written for people not the search engines but where I differ slightly is that I believe writing high quality content is an integral part of search engine optimisation today. Firstly the search engine algorithms […]

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Know When to Quit Your MLM Company

This is a great video from Eric Worre, please watch it, it’s all about knowing when to quit! I’m not talking about the industry but a business. I have had to do this myself on more than one occasion, I have learned my lessons… I hope. I can draw so many parallels between Eric’s experiences […]

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Trust Increases Productivity

I’m covering a couple of sources here, an article that reminded me of a book that reflected my real life experiences within several network marketing companies and more importantly people I have been in business with in the past. The subject being trust and how it increases your businesses productivity and the cohesion of your […]

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