Set Target Goals to Guarantee Success

Simply put if you don’t commit and set target goals ‘to paper’ then you won’t realise your full potential, you’ll probably be pulled from pillar to post without really achieving much if anything. You need clarity and direction, you need to have a clear picture of the destination in your head, you really do need to commit ‘to paper’! This under achiever behaviour can be changed, here’s how…

Create a plan for your goals by breaking the goal up into smaller steps, you start by defining your goal, your destination, for example your next target goal maybe to be consistently earning an extra $1000 per month in residual income. You need to clearly map out the steps that will take you there, don’t look at the goal and be overwhelmed instead look at the daily actionable and achievable steps and cross them off as you go, each one will lead you closer.

Get emotionally involved in your goal, picture how this extra income for example will change your life, think about the ultimate destination and how you’ll feel, feel it now! Emotional involvement will increase your anticipation of the future you have envisaged for yourself, this increased engagement will dramatically improve your chances of success.

Highly successful people are extremely goal oriented they’re forever thinking about their target goals and outcomes and how they can best achieve them. You too need to be involved in and committed to achieving your target goals, you have to be engaged in your plan and taking action on those smaller actionable steps daily that lead to achievement of your ultimate target goal.

These basic ideas and methods have and continue to work for me, now I won’t pretend to be a psychology expert, but I certainly am an avid student of success psychology, so I recommend you study this topic further, seek out those that have made this a lifetime study themselves, that of human performance, success achievement and goal setting. Three of the best material and people I’ve studied are Anthony Robbins’ “Time of Your Life”, Bob Proctor’s 11 “Forgotten Laws” and Brian Tracy’s “Goals” and “Flight Plan“.


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