Starting a Business and Marketing Campaign

What a great article with particular reference to blogging, starting a business and marketing campaign… I have to recommend you take a look a this on David Risley’s blog it is by guest author Jeff Clay, there are so many people that are unsure when you speak to them about the difference between the various aspects of marketing strategy, all essential and a business model to monetise, creating a stream or multiple streams of income, of course you can only be rewarded monetarily if you are able to deliver value and solutions to your target audience. It is knowing how every facet fits together to work as one successful enterprise ultimately delivering results for you and your readers.

“Deliver… Once you know your market, the rest should be obvious. If you know the problems they face, you need to find the best product or service to solve those problems. Find an awesome affiliate product or create your own. Either way, you need to deliver a solution to your visitors that they will gladly pay top dollar for because it provides more value to them.” ~ Jeff Clay #Quote

Source; David Risley – Starting a Business and Marketing Campaign Also Jeff Clay site Superbad Internet Marketing

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