Article Marketing Traffic Attraction Secrets…

Here are some ideas for article marketing that attract attention and generate traffic. If you’ve spent any time around the big social media, bookmarking sites or any of the content syndication sites you’ll see certain types of headlines that attract attention and generate traffic. What I’ve seen over time is a definite pattern emerging. Headline […]

Avoid Blogging Writer’s Block

Sometimes I believe people can box themselves into a corner with regard to their blog by being ‘too niche’ cutting down the scope for writing fresh original content, in time they may just run out of things to say. Here’s an approach that may work for you if you find yourself in this position, why […]

Methods for Building a Successful Online Business

A ‘keep it simple’ and ‘take action’ summary of the essential ‘stuff’ you need to do to create a successful blog. Sometimes you need something like this to kick you up the backside and get things moving, it really isn’t that difficult to first and foremost write about topics you know about and enjoy… simple… […]

5 Common Grammatical Errors in Copywriting

There’s a lot more than 5 common grammatical errors! 😉 One I see all the while that isn’t included in this list is the adverb ‘then’ substituting the conjunction or preposition ‘than’ I see this a lot in ‘copy’ originating from across the Atlantic, not sure why… I am going to go into this in […]

Ideas to Help You Run Two Blogs

This is something that I’m going to try and pull off myself in the near future, running two blogs, mainly because this primary blog is quite tightly focused around internet, network marketing and personal development, I need to give my wider interests, views and ideas a home. I will lay bare exactly how I get […]

Focus on Quality Content Creation for SEO

This is well worth talking about and I agree that you must focus on the creation of good quality readable content written for people not the search engines but where I differ slightly is that I believe writing high quality content is an integral part of search engine optimisation today. Firstly the search engine algorithms […]

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