Get Started with Video Blogging

The use of video blogging in marketing, branding and in building relationships is second to none but not many of us harness it’s power, why? For those of you willing to rise to the challenge here is a great getting started guide on by Chris Brogan, it answers a lot of the questions you’ll […]

Video Marketing Myths Debunked

I will hopefully go some way to debunk some video marketing myths and encourage more people to engage in video marketing. Video is very effective in rapidly populating the organic search results I’ve seen many rank in minutes, google loves them, if you want rapid listings and the ability to get your message across effectively […]

Video Traffic Generation and Marketing Solution

A video traffic generation and marketing solution is probably the single most effective form of marketing you could implement on the Internet today. I’ve seen videos rank almost immediately and if you optimise them correctly through back-linking, syndication and social distribution can ultimately lead to some pretty serious traffic generation, if you want rapid and multiple […]

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