Trust Increases Productivity

I’m covering a couple of sources here, an article that reminded me of a book that reflected my real life experiences within several network marketing companies and more importantly people I have been in business with in the past. The subject being trust and how it increases your businesses productivity and the cohesion of your entire team, with trust you enjoy your work and this reflects in everyones performance overall and is a major determining factor in the potential success or failure of your venture. Trust and personal integrity is critical. If you don’t trust an individual or company it will likely be in your best interest to move on.

One thing I can say is that no matter what past negative experiences you’ve had with people or companies, you must strive to put that behind you and always maintain high levels of integrity yourself and continue to trust in your new business relationships because without it all progress will grind to a halt. As Seth Godin goes on to say, “Trust pays”

“Trust, is the very basis of the 21st century’s global economy, but its power is generally overlooked and misunderstood.” ~ Stephen M.R. Covey #Quote

“Productivity comes from interactivity and the exchange of ideas and talents.” ~ Seth Godin #Quote

“People are happiest when they’re encouraged and trusted.” ~ Seth Godin #Quote

Source; Book, Stephen M.R. Covey – The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything

Source; Article, Seth Godin – Assuming Goodwill

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