Twitter List Building, Think Again!

Some interesting views on the usefulness of twitter, I think the author hit the nail on the head here… and this is what I firmly believe too. Twitter list building is bad practise, it should be used as a tool to encourage debate either on twitter or better still on your blog and in doing so connect with like minded individuals, which will help to extend your social reach and may in time lead to closer collaboration.

“Twitter is good for your blog Twitter is good for business, or for broadening your circle of hobby –ers. If you want to bounce off ideas for your new business you want to set up, you will find likeminded people to talk to. It also helps to spread word about your blog – and that’s NEVER a bad thing.” ~ Marya #Quote

Source: – Article: Do you turn up your nose at Twitter? 4 Reasons that changed my mind ~ Marya

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