Video Marketing Myths Debunked

I will hopefully go some way to debunk some video marketing myths and encourage more people to engage in video marketing. Video is very effective in rapidly populating the organic search results I’ve seen many rank in minutes, google loves them, if you want rapid listings and the ability to get your message across effectively then you need to engage in video marketing.

Video in many respects now is replacing the long sales letter if you want to compete you need to be exploiting the power of online video now. For one reason or another many find reasons why not to use online video marketing

Here are some of the excuses people have when it comes to using video in their businesses. “There are so many formats only a fraction of my audience will be able to view my video content because of file formats or bandwidth.” Wrong not any more, many formats are widely viewable now and have been for a few years in particular .flv or .mov (quicktime H.264) also broadband expansion has exploded worldwide.

“It’s too expensive!” is often used as an excuse, no not anymore what used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars now will cost only a few hundred dollars or less because you’ll likely have a lot of the necessary equipment e.g. a Mac or PC, hard drives, screen capture software, which believe it or not you can get for free, I think there is still a version of Camtasia 3.0 and certainly a version of CamStudio on the PC you can download and use at no cost. You can edit and maybe ad text, an URL and, or a call to action using windows movie maker which comes bundled with every PC or if you’re on a Mac you can use iMovie.

“I’m worried about facing the camera!” maybe you think you’re not photogenic or something, bizarre how this doesn’t stop you from walking out of the door everyday and meeting people, why should the web be any different. It really doesn’t matter, trust me if you want to get people to know like and trust you, what better way than video, you’re meeting people face to face! They say that 80% of communication is visual or non verbal if you’re faking it people can tell, if you’re genuine, knowledgeable and passionate about providing true value to your potential customers, people can tell. What better way is there to get people to know, like and trust you, than video…

Having said that some of you may want to take things a step at a time, video that you can implement, that you’ll have no excuses to shy away from, will be in the screen capture format, where you can demonstrate your tips, techniques, products or services on your desktop recorded with your voice, these can be very effective in the tutorial format especially. Go on be bold… you can actually add a head and shoulders shot of yourself narrating the screen capture too, remember know like and trust, you’ve nothing to hide 😉

Following the *free* model you can distribute your video with you can sign up for the free account which will give you 100 free distributions per month. This free account will also give you some pretty good analytics for example the system will tell you how many and which social bookmarks site are linking to your videos. There is also access to a powerful analytical dashboard which includes data such as ratings, views and comment trends over time.

Content distribution either using tubemogul or some other distribution tool (one I highly recommend is traffic geyser for video distribution) your video content will be distributed through the social networks, giving you video hosting for free! Now for generating back links to your money site or your lead generation site this is a great tactic but for that really professional touch and to keep your video content on your website, blog or landing page advertisement free, which could well be a distraction if you’re potential customer with leads are being tempted away from your site, then you may want to look at Amazon S3 as a solution for hosting your video which will keep your video totally advertisement free.

None of this is technically difficult and it will work with any business model on-line, there is no excuse just get into video now and distribute it.

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