Video Traffic Generation and Marketing Solution

A video traffic generation and marketing solution is probably the single most effective form of marketing you could implement on the Internet today. I’ve seen videos rank almost immediately and if you optimise them correctly through back-linking, syndication and social distribution can ultimately lead to some pretty serious traffic generation, if you want rapid and multiple listings then this is one sure way to go. Remember who owns YouTube…

Following the free model which I advocate everyone pursue in the early days of any internet or network marketing business on-line, I recommend you distribute your video with tubemogul a free service. You can sign up for account which will give you up to 100 free distributions per month.

These free accounts will also give you some pretty good analytics for example in most cases their systems will tell you how many and which social bookmarks site are linking to your videos and more. I know one of the paid levels also gives you access to some powerful analytical dashboards which includes data such as ratings, views and comment trends over time, but the free levels are more than adequate for a start.

Your video content will be distributed through the social networks of each of the video networks you sign up to e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh etc. giving you traffic from within the network you will also get potentially huge amounts of traffic from the search engines also. One other major benefit is that you get your video hosted for free! So if you’re just starting out or are strapped for cash, this really is a bonus. There is no better way to communicate and build trust with your target audience than video and certainly no better way to raise your profile allowing people to more easily get to know, like and trust you.

None of this is technically difficult and it will work with any business model on-line, do not use this as an excuse just get into video now and get distributing.

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