Web Host Server Location is Critical!

I’ve just a few points I think are worth mentioning with regards to web hosting choice, location and the kind of top level domain you may choose to host your new home business or blog and what affect these choices will have on your home businesses visibility in relation to your chosen market audience… it’s important to get this right first, although some may see these as slight benefits I believe they are significant enough to make a difference.

Following on from a previous article on web hosting I thought I’d delve a little deeper into the potential affect of choosing a web hosting service provider abroad and the affect that web host server location might have on your businesses visibility. Now I believe if you’re operating a global internet or network marketing business you should, if at all possible plump for a generic top level domain (TLD) like .com, I believe moving your web hosting to the United States would be a very good move as this would in all likelihood be your main market.

I think what makes the most difference is your choice of top level domain (TLD) if you are just doing business in the United Kingdom (taking the United Kingdom as a example but this applies to any country code region) then it makes a great deal of sense to use the United Kingdom country code top level domain cc-TLD for example .co.uk one strong reason for doing this is that there’s an option in Google to view pages based on your country code in this case show only pages from the UK is an option, the search engine then promptly omits all domains outside of this country code. Research has shown that in the United Kingdom this is a very common practise, therefore it is vital that you rank well in these ‘stripped down’ search results, especially if you rely on business predominantly from the UK, so in this case it makes sense to use a cc-TLD.

Another point worth mentioning again, if your business is local e.g. United Kingdom only, try to host solely in the United Kingdom. I don’t know if there is direct evidence of this but it makes a lot of sense if your IP address is located in your country of business then this may affect how well or even whether you’re ranked at all in your actual country of business. This can be an issue certainly in Europe as one of the biggest hosting providers in the United Kingdom actually hosts in Germany and funnily enough I ranked right up toward the top of Google .de with a .co.uk and lower in the United Kingdom for the same search terms. I can only assume that the origin of the IP address must have had some affect.

It would be a good move then, particularly if you are using a .com and really want to rank well within the United Kingdom to opt for a hosting service that can guarantee a United Kingdom origin for it’s IP address.

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