What’s Your Blog Worth?

What’s your blog worth? Now this may be too soon to think about when you’re just starting out learning how to set up a blog and establish a presence in the search engines. For some their blog is their interest or passion manifest, for others this may be your goal from the out-set, certainly it may motivate many of you to think that what you’re doing now may have some serious monetary value in the near future if you’re making sales and generating leads.

“When I was initially solicited by an Ebay power seller to potentially sell my ecommerce business, the business was generating roughly $60,000 annually in profits. After weeks of discussion back and forth, we settled at a sale price of just under $250,000, or roughly four times the annual earnings of $60,000.” ~ Sunil @ Extra Money Blog #Quote

Source: Problogger.net – Article: What’s Your Blog Worth? How to Value Web Properties ~ Sunil @ Extra Money Blog

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