Have You Reached Your Turning Point?

“I found every single successful person I’ve ever spoken to had a turning point. The turning point was when they made a clear, specific unequivocal decision that they were not going to live like this anymore; they were going to achieve success. Some people make that decision at 15 and some people make it at 50, and most people never make it at all.” ~ Brian Tracy #Quote

Are you at this critical point in your career or personal life where a decision must be made for you to progress forward, to change your circumstances for the better? You have the power within you to affect whatever change is necessary to fulfil whatever goal or objective you desire, once you fully believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve, there will be no limit to your potential, you will recognise this as your turning point.

Source: Brian Tracy, America’s Leading Business Authority on Success – Quote: Brian Tracy

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